The Freedom Streets Naming Initative


The National Leadership FoundationThe National Leadership Foundation is proud to announce that we are starting a new program we are calling The Freedom Streets Naming Initiative.

The goal is simple:

Have as many new streets in America named after those Americans who were killed in action while serving our country during the latest conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq as possible.

The Foundation wants to work with local developers, community leaders, elected officials and other stakeholders in the street naming process to get this accomplished. In addition, the Foundation will maintain a database of streets that have been named and individuals who helped make this happen. Our hope is that spreading the word about a simple, cost-free idea will help make this happen on a large scale across the United States. We do not want credit--we just want it to happen.

Let's be perfectly candid, freedom is not free. There are bad people in the world that want to take our way of life from us. The only thing that stops that from happening are brave men and women willing to go out and stop bad people from doing us harm. Some pay with their lives for our freedom, and one of the ways we can honor that sacrifice is by having a street in the United States named after them.

The majority of men and women who serve our country are not from wealthy or powerful families. When they are killed in action, their loved ones don't have the influence to get a building on a university campus named after them or lobby the government to build a memorial on their behalf. Some have no family at all. This is a great way to advocate for those who cannot advocate for themselves.

Elliot Goldman, Founder
The National Leadership Foundation